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Delft Nieuwe Kerk New Church Brug Bridge
Den Haag Hofvijver The Hague House of Parliament
Den Haag museum The Hague

DEN HAAG is the “political capital” of the Netherlands. This city is the home base of the Dutch Monarch. Close to the Royal Palaces you will find the Dutch Government Buildings (partly open to the public), foreign embassies and consulates and the Paece Palace where the International Court of Justice is situated.
One of the main attractions is the miniature village of Madurodam, more suitable for children than adults if you ask us.
For the grown up there are plenty of other things to do. The harbour Scheveningen is the perfect spot to eat fresh fish.

DELFT is a beautiful small city with a cosy atmosphere, famous for its pottery. Hand painted earthenware, not only in white/blue but also in polychrome is sold directly from the factory. Walk the streets/alleys where Johannes Vermeer used to stroll, visit the churches he went to. When you feel tired you can relax and order something to eat and drink on the Market Square terraces to regain your energy.

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