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Amsterdam Magere Brug Skinny Bridge
Amsterdam Oude Kerk Old Church
Amsterdam plezier fun
Amsterdm Victoria Hotel

AMSTERDAM, once a small village, now the largest city in the Netherlands with approx. 800.000 inhabitants. The centre of Amsterdam is in a remarkable good condition and included in Unesco’s list of World Heritage. This part of town is compact, the main attractions are within walking distance from each other. For fit people that is.
Amsterdam was at its peak during the 16th and 17th century. The grandeur of that time is visible along the world famous canals, but there is a lot more. Museums, hidden treasures, difficult to find but worth visiting, local shops, antique- and food markets + everything else one can expect in a relatively small town.
Driving is not easy, the narrow streets are often congested, parking can be a disaster. Locals travel by bike, public transport or taxi. For visitors we recommend: do as the locals do or hire transportation with a separate driver and guide.
Dutch Excursions is specialized in organizing tours for visitors. We are pleased to advice you about the best possible way for you and your group to enjoy this fantastic city.

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